grant imahara, designer, machinist, financier & driver

in real life: animatronics engineer and modelmaker for George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic, installed electronics in R2D2 units for Star Wars: Episode 1 and 2, and supervisor for the Energizer Bunny crew, also based out of the ILM Model Shop. Also lit the engines of the Protector and the sickly green lights of the Sarris Ship on Galaxy Quest. Occasionally portrays the "classic" gold suit C-3P0 (yes, in the suit) for charities, special appearances and commercials when Mr. Anthony Daniels is unavailable.

crew specialists:

jon foreman, machinist & mechanical design

in real life: electronics specialist and mechanical designer who lit the windows, bussard scoop and engine nacelles of Enterprises A through E, except for C, as well as the miniature Delorean from Back to the Future. Created a custom sequencer to light the engine nacelle tips of the Cochrane ship in Star Trek: First Contact. He also CNC machined much of the miniature IKON satellite from Space Cowboys.

bryan dewe, welding expert & mechanical design

in real life: machinist and mechanical designer who created the gun that pops out of RoboCop's thigh, and the head that segments and splits in half in Total Recall. Raises Rottweilers and trains them in the Shutzhund method, and is the only person I know who has had the official title of "Asshole Puppeteer" (on David Cronenberg's Naked Lunch).


fon davis, pit assistance & fabrication

in real life: modelmaker and the father of Mouser Mecha-Catbot. Holds one of the largest collections of Star Wars memorabilia on the west coast and runs a website that sells Star Wars mechandise:

preston donovan, pit crew & fabrication

in real life: modelmaker and proud alumnus of Chico State. Also the son of Giovanni Donovan, the only modelmaker to have retired from the ILM Model Shop. Lost his spleen at an early age due to a freak accident. Preston was also a deejay for a country western station in college.

john duncan, fabrication

in real life: modelmaker working in the Star Wars Art Department under Doug Chiang creating conceptual models for Episode 2. A model boat enthusiast who can be seen piloting his scale sailboat on the waters of Lake Ewok at Skywalker Ranch at lunchtime.

dave fogler, test platform specialist

in real life: modelmaker and Rhode Island native. Dave has created the test platforms for Deadblow for the past two years, featuring the diabolical Mr. Mike, who is in real life an action figure. Somehow, Mr. Mike continues to escape destruction at the hands of Deadblow. Perhaps this year, things will be different...

tim gillett, mechanical design

in real life: machinist and mechanical designer who is a second-generation effects artist. The only person I know to have worked on a Cheech and Chong movie. His father worked on the Blues Brothers movie, whose effects included a car fitted with a huge mercury-filled tube that could flip itself over.

nelson hall, pit crew & documentarian

in real life: modelmaker and sculptor/painter who was the body double for D.B. Sweeney in Fire in the Sky, spray-mounted under a rubber sheet which was then sucked down over a vacuum table. His realistic portrayal of the terror of his character stems from the fact that he is claustrophobic. Also, his eye in the one that gets milky liquid poured into it as the spinning pointed alien probe approahces it. Although he was uncredited, he did receive hazard pay.

jamie hyneman, mechanical design

in real life: owner of M5, the effects shop behind Team Blendo. His diabolical mechanical genius has spawned an electric bicycle that beat a Harley in a drag race and rollerblades with Bosch drill motors attached.

scott mcnamara, fabrication

in real life: machinist and mechnical designer and father of Andyroid, the popular talking robot that rode a Big Wheel and shot suction-cup darts with string attached to them to entangle his opponents. Also puppeteers the head of the Energizer Bunny. Whenever the Bunny moves through screen, that's me driving, and when it nods to the camera, that's Scott.

adam savage, pit crew & fabrication

in real life: modelmaker and member of the original Team Blendo. If you look closely in the cargo bay of the space shuttle in Space Cowboys, you'll see some payload modules that say "Savage Industries" - that's for Adam.