08-04-01 Saturday

The Metal Mechanics toys are out, but they're really hard to find. I've been looking around myself, but haven't seen any out on shelves yet. As part of being the robot builder, you get a dozen of your toy to play with. I gave out all of them to crew and family, but kept one for myself. It's really fun to put together and requires 2 AA batteries, since the hammer is motorized.

Recently, I found out that a few places are selling Battlebots toys on eBay. Check out and search for Deadblow. The picture to the right is from one of their auctions.

07-20-01 Friday

Yes, it's true. Soon you can have your very own Deadblow toy! Check out the Jakks Pacific/Road Champs website for pictures. Be on the lookout for the Metal Mechanics line. It's a line of miniature robots based on some of your favorites (yes, Deadblow IS included) that you put together yourself. "You build it! You Bash it!" There are also a whole bunch of toys called Grip 'n Grapplers, which have a handle that you pull to activate the robot's weapon. A line of keychains, die cast toys, Spinbots, and even a scale BattleBox playset round out the line. Very, very cool!

Check out the new BattleBots Road Champs toy website at:

04-01-01 Sunday

Deadblow returns! Sent off the registration for May 01 San Francisco. See you there. Also check out the new sponsors page. Updates to the website continue.

04-08-01 Sunday

Added new titanium arm weapons page in the Deadblow 2000 section. Just about ready to test my new drive system, which is very similar to the Hazard 2000 drives. Four DeWalt drill motors, each driving a single wheel. Will test the new system on Monday at work. Then it's on to the secret weapons for SF 2K1.