FRAME 2000

The frame became a design priority for Deadblow 2000. The frame was prototyped using clear acrylic. This allowed me to test-fit all the components and resolve space conflicts ahead of time. After the design was verififed, the patterns were cut in 6061-T6 aluminum using the CNC machine.

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Here we see the side view of the frame for Deadblow 2000. Note the complex cross-bracing, which would be difficult to achieve with a conventional vertical mill. No problem for the CNC machine, though. I designed in lots of supports for the top armor plating, which was a weakness in 1999, and integrated the bearing blocks into the side supports.

Along the front of the frame, I added a cutout for a horizontal T-bar. The T-bar is intended for ramming and sustaining head-on collisions. Also, I streamlined the profile of the robot much more than the first year, so the front edge is slimmer than the trailing edge. I wanted to get away from the "toasters with weapons" look. Here you see the hammer bracket is peaking out of the top of the robot.

The rear of the robot also has a horizontal ramming bar. Note that the bottom edges of the front and back of the robot are still angled to combat lifting robots and allow Deadblow to climb up on its opponents.

Here is the frame cut out of aluminum with the front ramming bar installed. The bearing blocks and side supports were 3/8" thick (dictated by the thickness of the bearings) and the mounting bracket for the hammer was 1/2" aluminum.

In this picture, the air tanks and drive motors have been installed. The actuator and 1/8" side armor are in place, as well. The x-shaped cutout in the side armor is where the battery box will be, and the holes are for the axles.

This side view shows my attempt at streamlining the robot. Unfortunately, the shallower that I angled the front edge, the more it cut down on the internal space.

In the rear view, we see the ramming bar and bracket for the actuator. The actuator bracket was overbuilt, since the actuator would be firing against it with a large amount of force to swing the hammer.